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Unbridled China Partner Welcomes KyQHA to the Partner Network

Unbridled China is thrilled to have the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association (KyQHA) on board just in time for the 1st American Horse Week in China which will be taking place September 21-25 in Beijing.

While the Commonwealth of Kentucky's significant contribution to Thoroughbred breeding and racing would not be questioned, most people are surprised to learn that Quarter Horses are actually the most populous breed to call Kentucky home.

As one of the first to export American Quarter Horses to China in 2009, the Commonwealth of Kentucky continues to push for the advancement of horsemanship in the People's Republic of China today. KyQHA hopes that, as Chinese buyers become more sophisticated, they will begin to recognize the unique benefits of owning Kentucky-bred American Quarter Horses. Specifically, KyQHA hopes to promote their Breeders' Incentive Fund (KyQHA BIF), which enhances profit opportunities for both new and existing owners and breeders - around the world.

Reflecting on how the market has grown, Bennie Sargent, KyQHA Director and AQHA Professional Horseman explains that "barrel racing is where it all started in China," and "today we are seeing increased interest in all-around horses including reiners, which is exciting." As is true with most business ventures in China, KyQHA is understands the barriers to doing business are real, and the decision to join Unbridled China's Partner Program is intended to enhance their continued efforts to develop the market over time.

For more information on the KyQHA BIF visit the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association website.

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