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Alex Nichols Agency Confident in Future of China's Horse Industry

Just this week, the Alex Nichols Agency demonstrated their confidence in the future of China's horse industry through a multi-year agreement to join the Unbridled China Partner Network.

Established in 1962, Alex Nichols Agency, has been servicing the horse industry with transportation services for more than fifty years, and is no stranger to China.

Reflecting on his first visit to China more than 10 years ago, Bill Nichols commented, "I quickly learned, like America, China has a love and respect for horses, a culture with a long history of horsemanship. It is my hope that my organization can continue to work with Unbridled China and the growing number of horse owners and trainers throughout China."

And it is just that - industry expertise and a commitment to China which makes Alex Nichols Agency the perfect fit for our program.

Quarantine and shipping has always been the most feared part of the horse purchase for our Chinese clients, and the Alex Nichols Agency makes the entire process extremely manageable. As soon as we think we have the potential for horses to move to China, we turn things over to Bill Nichols and his team. They handle everything from pre-quarantine blood-tests at the origin farm to customs clearance in China, including the many hoops in-between.

As part of the Unbridled China Partner Network, Bill Nichols plans to make regular visits to China and conduct educational seminars for Chinese interested in becoming horse owners. Additionally, as Chinese horse owners look increasingly at competing outside of China, the Alex Nichols Agency has already taken the lead. In 2016, Alex Nichols Agency became the first company to transport Chinese-owned thoroughbred race horses from Mainland China to the United States for a race meet.

We look forward to working with the Alex Nichols Agency for many years to come.

For additional information on horse transportation visit the Alex Nichols Agency website.

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