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Our goals for China are ambitious, and will require more resources than we have alone.


Unbridled China has established a Partner Network to engage a select group of American equine associations and breeders, universities & government agencies, service providers and manufacturers with our Chinese membership.

The Unbridled China Partner Network will leverage American expertise to stimulate the development of a  sustainable Chinese equine industry while serving as a market entry platform for American equine business in China.

Our Network


How does the Partner Network work?


Unbridled China will assist Partner Network participants to develop the China market through year-round coordinated marketing and education, making it easier for our Chinese membership to connect with the best resources of the American equine industry.  


Partner Network participants receive exclusive branding at the Unbridled China Ranch, Unbridled China Club (opening June 2017) plus logo placement and links on Unbridled China’s social media outlets (WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), including signage at all Unbridled China events.



Is the program limited to only marketing?


In addition to year-round marketing, the Partner Network will be able to utilize the Unbridled China Ranch (stables, arenas, office and guest rooms) at no additional charge for your own organization’s special events (based on availability).  The Unbridled China Ranch and Unbridled China Club will serve as your on-the-ground presence to help expand your business in China. 


What is the cost to join the Partner Network? 


Annual fees for the Unbridled China Partner Network program are as follows:


Breed Associations: $5000

Universities & Government: $7,500

Breeders: $10,000 includes board for one horse ($7,500 for additional horses)

Manufacturers: $10,000 (category non-exclusive) or $25,000 (category exclusive)

Service Provider: $10,000 (category non-exclusive) or $25,000 (category exclusive)


*Partner Network contracts will be based on the individual needs of Partners and may include terms

for sales commission and/or product distribution.


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Thank you for your interest in our program. We will be in touch!

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