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Unbridled China, LLC was established in 2011 in Beijing to provide a business development channel between China’s rapidly expanding equine industry and the rest of the world.  With offices, stables and training facilities in both China and the United States, Unbridled China is strategically positioned to bring mutual benefit to partners on both sides of the ocean. Through an organized network of the most professional associations, manufacturers, breeders and trainers, Unbridled China assists Chinese members to reach their highest potential as horse owners, trainers or competitors.



Events & Education – The heart of Unbridled China’s mission is to develop an interest in professional horsemanship and world-class competition.  We regularly organize educational clinics and a series of internationally sanctioned horse shows which take place throughout China. 


Overseas Exploration –  Unbridled China assists members by arranging visits to the top American horse shows and race meets, horse farms and auctions.  We encourage our members to explore developed equine markets and to engage in experiences which can be shared with friends in China. For those members looking for more long-term overseas experiences, Unbridled China can make arrangements for showing, racing syndication and/or internships.  


Product Sourcing – Unbridled China works with our members to source all things equine - from horses to hay.  Unbridled China has worked with shipments of horses ranging from only a few to more than 100 and is trusted as the most reliable source in the industry. Most importantly, our professional trainers are always available to visit the destination farms, ensuring our members’ horses are able to adapt to their new surroundings.  In addition to horses, Unbridled China assists members to source training equipment and apparel which best suits the needs of each individual program.  


Unbridled China was founded upon a  belief that amazing things can happen if we focus on our shared love of the horse - a philosophy personified by our international leadership team.

PRC: +86-186-0082-1422

USA: +1-314-814-3757

PRC: +86-133-1129-8401

PRC: +86-138-0122-6627

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